About Us

Parnell Engineering & Consulting (PEC) is a high-tech consultancy located in the Heart of  Silicon Valley.  PEC is ready to help solve your project challenges!

Dr. Kim Parnell is the Principal & Founder of PEC.  Dr. Parnell is a Mechanical Engineering consultant with strong experience in a number of technology areas. Dr. Parnell frequently serves as a testifying Expert Witness in patents, product failure, and personal injury litigation cases.  For full details see the
CV of Dr. T.Kim Parnell 

His practice includes expertise in:

  • Expert Witness & Litigation Consulting
  • Patents and Intellectual Property
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Shape Memory Materials
  • Composite Materials
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Simulation
  • Cell Phones, personal electronic devices
  • Heavy Truck Crashworthiness
  • Consumer Products
  • Product Design Refinement
  • Piping, Pressure Vessels
  • Gas Leaks, Pipe Failure, Blasts, Vapor Cloud Explosions
  • Failure Analysis
  • Reliability
  • Personal Injury & Accident Investigation
  • Manufacturing Technology: food processing, metal forming, vehicle assembly, telecommunications, composites

Dr. Parnell holds Ph.D. and MSME degrees from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering.  He has a BES degree from Georgia Tech.  Dr. Parnell is an ASME Fellow, a Senior Member of IEEE, and a Member of SAE and ASM International.  He is a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer in the State of California. Dr. Parnell served on the Mechanical Engineering faculty at Santa Clara University from 2010-2012 and previously was a Visiting Associate Professor at Stanford University.

Professional Memberships & Registration:

Registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical), California  Parnell_PE_Stamp
ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers),
IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers),
Senior Member

 IEEE_Logo IEEE-CNSV_Vertical_Logo
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers),
ASM International, Member
SMST (Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies),
* FAS (Failure Analysis Society),
* EDFAS (Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society)
NAFEMS, Member
NAFEMS Composites Working Group (CWG), Vice-Chair